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Decorative Concrete Retaining Walls

Retaining Wall Wilmington
Decorative Retaining Walls Wilmington NC

A retaining wall offers many solutions to residential and commercial landscapes. They perform important functions, such as retarding soil erosion, smoothing uneven grades and converting steep slopes into usable space. Retaining walls are attractive as well as functional. They add value to your Wilmington, North Carolina, property by creating visual interest through texture, depth and color.

Concrete retaining walls are strong, offer flexibility in design and are less expensive than stone, brick and wood. However, for retaining walls to last and perform properly, they must be designed and installed by experienced professionals. In fact, many local and state governments require permits for installations higher than 4 feet. Some require that licensed engineers design retaining walls to ensure safety and performance. If you are considering building retaining walls on your property, call the expert retaining wall contractors Wilmington NC residents depend on.

Wilmington Concrete Construction has years of experience in designing and building all types of concrete works. We undertake jobs of all sizes, ranging from a custom-made, stamped concrete driveway to industrial-strength retaining walls. We are familiar with the regulations and codes governing these works in communities in the Wilmington area. We build for strength, durability and safety to ensure that walls are adequately supported and properly constructed.

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Retaining Wall Basics

Retaining walls may appear to be simple construction. However, a well-constructed retaining wall must be strong enough to hold back soil that would otherwise naturally migrate down a slope. The back side of the wall must support the weight and pressure of soils behind it. The front is freestanding.

Retaining walls can vary in size from low garden walls that create attractive vegetation beds to massive barriers. They are often used to create terraces and convert steep slopes into several distinctive levels.

Before construction, experienced concrete contractors Wilmington NC retaining wall professionals must evaluate the local climate, nature of the soils, natural drainage patterns and degree of slope. Poorly constructed walls may not be able to withstand the pressure of earth behind them. In addition, it is important to ensure proper drainage behind the wall. Buildup and retention of moisture can weaken the wall’s structure or exert additional pressure, resulting in collapse.

Poured Concrete Retaining Walls

There are several types of concrete retaining walls that are both attractive and functional. Poured concrete is the most versatile because an experienced contractor can create any shape and size. The front can be decorated, colored or stamped to give a distinctive look and complement the overall landscape design. Poured concrete is often recommended for large walls or in soils that require deep, secure footings.

Concrete Block Retaining Walls

Concrete block walls offer strength and durability as well as high aesthetic value. These premade blocks come in many patterns, sizes and colors, adding beauty and texture to your property. Some resemble limestone, granite or marble blocks. Others look like brick or stacked stone. Combine them with natural stone, brick and concrete to create a unique wall that complements your design style. They are especially well-suited for low terrace walls or designs that do not require deep footings. Use them for steps, garden edging, terraces, setback walls and curved designs.

Hire the Wilmington Retaining Wall Experts

We are the go-to retaining wall experts in the Wilmington area. We will come to your home or business to evaluate your site, determine the kind of wall required and estimate the cost. We give free estimates. We work directly with you to make sure the design concept meets your needs. We maintain communication throughout each project, giving regular updates on the progress of work, contingencies and budget.

Our company provides a full suite of concrete works. Whether you need a new concrete patio floor for your home or a terraced landscape for your office complex, we can do it. For more information, call today for a free estimate.